Body Love Cafe and Yoga Treat Special!

Available to new and existing BLC patients 1 MONTH OF DROP-IN BODYWORK CLINIC PLUS 1 MONTH OF YOGA TREAT MEMBERSHIP COST: $199 (a value of $320) Chiropractic + Acupuncture + Massage + Yoga + TRX + Barre + Foam Rolling + Fitness Fusion Classes

This  Special is ONLY available during the months of JULY, AUGUST & SEPTEMBER and open to all existing or new BLC & Yoga Treat members and community. Yes, your family may also join!

Visits during BLC Drop-In BodyworkClinic hours (no appointment needed) includes adjustment, acupuncture, bodywork or massage depending on day/practitioner available (see schedule). 

Attend any of the Yoga Treat classes (see the schedule online) and the studio is located at Treat Blvd & Oak Grove Rd in the buildings behind Trader Joe’s. You may sign up for this Birthday Special at either BLC or Yoga Treat!

OR CONTACT / (925) 788-6300

Current Body Love Cafe Drop-in Schedule for July below