Stay in Your Flow

​Stay in Your Flow – Don’t Get Injured​
​Saturday, January 13, 2018​
Cost: $45
This workshop will change the way you do yoga.
Jaime, 500 hr trained yoga teacher says “I have been practicing yoga for 10 years, teaching for 5 and have 500 hours of training under my belt. The concepts that Christine shared with me were things I NEVER thought about or was taught. The way that I teach and practice yoga will be forever changed and feel so much more confident that I’m not going to hurt myself or others.”
Come learn how to keep yourself and your students from getting injured:
  • Merge ancient philosophy and modern science of how our bodies work
  • Learn how to follow the cue “Listen to your body”
  • Explore how what you feel and don’t feel in a pose are equally important
  • Examine the psychology behind why we hurt ourselves
  • Learn 5 yoga poses you should never do
Are you afraid of hurting yourself in yoga?
Are you concerned that you might hurt your students as a yoga teacher?
Have you gotten injured in yoga class before?
Then this workshop is for you. Let’s explore how to stay on your mat, in your flow, without getting injured.
As a Physical Therapist of 17 years who has practiced and trained in yoga for nearly that long, Christine Koth, MPT, has not only treated countless yoga injuries but has also experienced and recovered from injuries of her own.  Her infectious laughter, engaging teaching style and deep experience provides for a paradigm shifting experience.  Become one of a growing number of yogis that are practicing in a way that keeps you from being sidelined with injury.
Find out more about Christine and sign up for the top 5 yoga poses you should never do at
Lastly, Christine will be available to do one-on-one 30 minute sessions before and after the workshop if space is available for this service.  This is a highly valued asset to offer to your members.  People love the one-on-one time with Christine as they have their own questions that come up about their bodies and their aches and pains. Here’s the information to share on this service:
Christine Koth, MPT will be available to consult one-on-one with you to assess and advise on your particular body and injury the day of her workshop Stay in Your Flow – Don’t Get Injured.  Each 30 minute session can be booked through the studio at a rate of $100 ($20 off if also registered for the workshop).  Find out more information about Christine and her background at