Chakra Balancing & Meditation with Essential Oils

Saturday, April 14, 1-2:30pm

Hosted by Lily Manderville
$25 for members and $30 for non-members
To cure is to focus on the eradication of symptoms. Whereas to heal is to emphasize and support a persons inherent state of wholeness — Cyndi Dale
“Chakra translates to wheel or disk. They are spinning energy centers in the body which process subtle energy and convert it into chemical, hormonal, and cellular changes in the body” (Malia Hill)… they can either spin excessively, slowly, or become completely blocked.
Associated with each chakra (seven total), there are mudras (hand positions), sounds, colors, and oils. In this 90 minute workshop, using essential oils and sound, students will be guided through each chakra and be given the chance to intuitively listen to what their body needs. Chakra healing can feel a lot like a day at the beach or a long nap.
Activate your mind and body while giving yourself a chance to feel balanced and energized. Questions? Email
No experience necessary- just an open mind!